Copyright Compliance Notification for (ex- Mochi) Game Developers:

This website has been typically hosting games through the Mochi Games Network. Since the (unexpected) shutting down of Mochi things have
unfortunately changed for all of us. I realize game developers expect something in return for publishers to host their games and will be the
last one to deny them that right.
It has proven to be practically impossible for me to contact the different Mochi game developers directly, because of the lack of contact
Since this website almost solely makes use of (former) Mochi games, taking the games of the site would render this website useless. Also I have
read different opinions from developers, some would like their games disabled and some would like their games to continue, be it because they
already changed the files or just because they deliver them traffic or otherwise.

Therefore I would like to request for those developers who would like me to swap the old Mochi SWF files for their new updated SWF game files to
send me an email with the URL of this website their game is on, and a link to the new updated SWF file for me to upload and I will gladly change
it for you. ( If you so wish for me to take your game of this website altogether I will do so.)

I hope you will allow me to keep hosting your games because I like them very much and whats more important a lot of visitors like them too,
after all that's why your games are on this website.

Email can be send to :

Kind regards,

The webmaster.




© Pasjans Pająk